How you do a Wash-and-Go

During my natural hair adventures, I have started to become bored and was considering a change.  I started searching the web one day and I came upon numerous videos and chats about wash-and-go hairstyles.  I have 4b hair that is naturally very coiled with lots of shrinkage.  So I focused on the videos made by women who's hair texture looked similar to mine.  One particular product that seemed promising was Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel.  I bought the product, followed the suggestions from the videos, and...FAIL (or at least I think so)! 

This picture is the end result.  I did not get the nice defined curls that other people got.  The product also left lots of white residue, ewww!  Maybe it's my hair texture, or maybe I need to try a product that will work better for me.  Any suggestions?  I would love to hear from you 4b ladies that have experience with this.

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