Past Dates

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

L.I.V.E. Out Loud Presents: "Shifting Your Reality" - 7 PM
18700 James Couzens Fwy
Detroit, MI 48235
(248) 266-5483
Price: Free!
Welcome to the most inspiring family in the city of Detroit. Each 5th Saturday of the month, L.I.V.E Out Loud will host an invitation for Detroit's most awesome people to feed the Spirit that LIVES within extraordinary human beings.

Nov. 30th | Music by: Jayel Stokes and Kezia 'Chinadoll' Russell

Who We Are | We are young, vibrant, creative, and unafraid. We are thinkers, doers, believers, achievers, and leaders that L.I.V.E. for a purpose more beautiful than any one human experience. Each of you is an... amazing contribution to our lives; a being with one talent that will change the human experience. We would like you to become a part of the largest collective of positivity the world has ever seen; as we challenge our community to Love, Inspire, Visualize, and Experience the life we were all meant to L.I.V.E. This month, we invite this family to "Shifting Your Reality". Welcome to the most invigorating family you will ever meet. We can't wait to see you, and yours. All are welcome. Spread the word.

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

RedFest - 4:30 PM
Peck Park
Detroit, MI
Price: FREE

Come on out and enjoy the festivities of the African World Festival.  Join me at the stage at Peck Park at 4:30!